I have the post Halloween drag. I’m thinking I would feel better if…

…those kids didn’t keep offering me their Almond Joys and Butterfingers (that they don’t like),

…I found fewer than 25 candy wrappers on the floor

…the baby didn’t keep finding the kids’ candy bags, unwrapping lollipops, and sharing his sticky goodness with the couch

…I didn’t just make 24 cupcakes for my hubby’s birthday and then eat one

Alas, the excitement of finding the right costume has worn off, and apparently Christmas is tomorrow by the looks of Hobby Lobby. But, before we say goodbye to Halloween for another year, we wanted to share a piece of our Halloween with you!

Here are my little spooks: Phantom Ballerina (who is too old to trick or treat but kindly carried baby around, and will kindly eat some of his candy, fair trade), Napoleon Dynamite, Sailor Girl, Snow Princess, Cowboy, and Indiana Jones.


And last year: Minnie Mouse, Groovy Girl, Sock Monkey, Upside down man, Army Guy, Candy Corn Princess


And, before I let Ashleigh have the floor for the rest of the post, I want to note, and it will not surprise those that know us, that our Halloween costume philosophy differs as follows:

Ashleigh: themed costumes, usually handmade, the perfect accessories, she could talk her kids into being anything for Halloween and liking it because they know how awesome she is and that their costume will end up perfect!

Me: I talked my kids into matching costumes once, it was 1998, Dorothy and Toto. The baby was one at the time so I’m not sure if that counts. A few of my kids (and I won’t name names) have definite opinions on their Halloween costume in September and will not be dissuaded, so I have given up. I figure, they share rooms, a last name, and all the “good” groceries so it’s one night they don’t have to share.

*******Insert Ashleigh’s Opinion*******

It’s true.  I’m basically selfish.  I have a soft spot in my heart for themed costumes, and from the first Halloween I had more than one kid, I made them matching.  Mickey and Minni.

The next year, the oldest wanted to be Ariel, so the littlest was “one of her sisters.”
She doesn’t look that excited about matching.  But this one year old couldn’t verbalize her complaints.

Alice and the Queen of Hearts.  Basically my fave.
Both were on board because it was their favorite movie at the time.

Dorothy and Glinda.  This time, little sister got to be the main character.
Both on board for the theme.  Yesssssss!

Enter Kid 3.  I’m stoked to have 3 matching kids.  They were both so excited about the baby being peter pan, they had no complaints about my fantastic idea.
2009- The fabulous 50’s.  Not sure how we came to this conclusion.  But I don’t remember any crying.


Then came 2009 & 2010.  Oldest is anti-theme.  I threw all my best ideas out there.  Cowboy and cowgirls, superheroes, etc.  THEY DIDN’T WANT THE THEME.  My sister gave me lots of talks about how happy her kids are when they get to choose.  How could I be stunting my kids’ creativity?  Well, I decided to be a nice mom (normal mom), TWICE!  I had accepted being done with themes because kids grow up and it’s natural.  Until…

This year.  We have come back to the theme!  I did the happy dance.  The youngest wanted to be a pirate and the girls had the idea (on their own) that they could be pirates with him.  They just wanted to wear big earrings and make-up.

I made the fastest and easiest skirts with tied fabric and cheesecloth.
I threw in a couple of blouses and boots, and we had a pirate theme!

So there you go.  I’m sure you can relate to Kathryn’s philosophy and maybe there’s a couple silly mom’s like me out there that try to plant theme ideas starting in January.