Sometimes I have new ideas.

Sometimes, lots of times, I just stick with the tried and true.

Royal Icing is my tried and true.  It helps me make a quick treat into something unique.  Even if I don’t have the time to make cut out cookies, I can throw together a box of brownies in an instant.  I used my coffin cookie cutter and royal icing to dazzle up my quick brownies.

Pumpkin popcorn balls are tried and true.  I blogged about them a couple years ago.  And now they are an every year tradition.  Easy.  Fun.  Done.

Target Dollar Aisle is my tried and true.  Whenever I need a cute little container for treats or pops, Target is my BFF.  I just have to make sure I get my pick early in the season.

Martha is my tried and true.  She showed me how to make little pumpkins out of a small orange treat bags a few years ago.  And I keep making them, every year.  (I added a little leaf and tag).

Squeezie bottles are my tried and true.  This pic is 2 years old, but it shows that even your littles can make gourmet caramel apples with the help of chocolate drizzles.  Oh how I miss our cousin craft times.  MOVE BAAAAACK!

Pinterest is my tried and true.  I saw this pin and had to copy the branches coming out of the pumpkins. I got really crazy with the branches this year thanks to a friend who took me spooky branch hunting!

Sometimes it is just warm and cozy to stay inside my box and stick with what I know.  Or copy what is on pinterest.  ­čÖé

I get creative when I’m in the mood.  But when I’m not in the mood, I stick with the tried and true.

What are your Halloween “tried and trues?”  Do tell.