I’m the kind of girl that wears white after labor day, wears flip flops in the winter, buys purses from Target and believes it’s ok to make pumpkin bread any time of the year. Without fear of persecution.

Pumpkin is too good to save for October and November. There are some days in March that just need pumpkin. I won’t apologize.

I decided to come clean with my pumpkin lovin’ by giving each cubby in my entryway it’s own pumpkin.


And, to give your belly some pumpkin lovin’, here is one of my favorite pumpkin treats from Our Best Bites. I usually quadruple the recipe and keep it in the fridge so I can get out the ice cream and add the pumpkin mix for one, two or eight milkshakes at a time.

pie shake cr

Who would make 8 milkshakes? And only share four with their kids? Probably some chick that wears white after labor day.