I just wanted to share a link with you today.  Have you been to My Baking Addiction?

Well, I highly recommend it.  Everything I try from that site has been great!  There are so many recipes out there on the web.  Sometimes I have high hopes and end up disappointed.  But sometimes I try new recipes and they are fabulous and end up in my recipe box.  Yes, I’m old school and I still have a box.
So here are two recipes that have ended up in my box:

I love the snickers cupcakes.  I’ve made them with a couple versions of chocolate cake, including the one that it says to use.  But what really kills me is the caramel buttercream and chunks of snickers on top.  Seriously yummy!
IMG_0584 copy

I was inspired by this site to make chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes.  I didn’t use their frosting recipe, I used the sprinkles recipe, and I also added a chocolate syrup drizzles.

I’ve often thought that I have a baking addiction, so the site is aptly named for people like me who are always on a quest to find the best and newest recipes.  Go check it out!