Who has taken part in the pennant banner craze?  {hand raised}

Guilty as charged.  I’m right on top of that bandwagon!  They are just so dang cute!
If you have been around this blog for a while, you know I did one in my daughter’s room, here.

Yes, they are all around blogland and ever present on our lovely pinterest!
So this is today’s pinterest inspired cookie: a simple little pennant banner.

I decided to do the flags as icing transfers.  I made them on parchment paper, waited for them to dry, then they popped right off.

I could have done this with a smaller tip to make the corners more precise, but I just did them with a regular squeezie bottle, then used a toothpick to pull the edges out to a more triangular shape.

I stuck them on my cookie (with a dried base layer) with a dot of fresh royal icing.

Last but not least, I piped the string that “connects” the little flags.  Because I did the flags separately, the had kind of a 3D effect and slightly lifted off the cookie.  Another great thing about doing them as transfers, is that if you mess one up, no biggie.  You just don’t use it!  I made so many of them because I wasn’t sure how many or of what size I would need.

I did some that had a little more space between each flag, but I liked the flags that were closer together.

I also experimented with my edible ink pens.  I tried polka dots, but somehow didn’t end up with a picture of those.  This one simply sends a bday message.

But not only are pennant banners seen all over pinterest, I see my fair share of pennant flags.

No cookie cutter necessary if you have a knife.  Roll your dough thicker when you plan to insert a stick.  Then cut your little triangles.  It will be easier to insert the stick if you do it when the dough is still nice and cold.

College football season is here, so these would be pretty great at your next game day party in your favorite team colors.  But I opted for a girly version, tied up with tulle and ribbon.

I think Callye would opt for some Texas Longhorn pennant flag cookies.

Pinterest Inspired Cookies

Speaking of the great SugarBelle, go see the pinterest trend that she is sharing on a cookie today!
She’s going to share OWLS today.  And you know owls are everywhere right now!
My sister joked that if you haven’t made an owl pillow yet, you need to get crafting.  Haha!