I made myself a chalkboard.  Just because I felt like it.

Chalkboards are all the rage right now.  I hesitated to enter the craze right now, because the thought of chalk dust everywhere makes me nervous.  But alas, I just couldn’t resist the cuteness.

Remember when I made these shelves?  Well, they aren’t totally done being decorated for Fall, but my chalkboard is giving it a good little start.

In order to get it the right size and shape, I grabbed some butcher paper, folded it in half twice then cut some snazzy curves.  I opened it to see if it fit where I wanted it.  Then I folded it back up to fine tune and trim my curves.

I just traced my shape onto a scrap piece of 3/4″ mdf.  Then I cut it out with the jigsaw, sanded and primed.  I used several coats of a krylon brand spray chalkboard paint.

Then I nailed in some picture hanging things to attach it on the wall behind my shelves.

Or, it can go on a picture stand.  And I’m pretty sure I’m going to want to use it vertically as well.  I’m thinking this sort of thing would be fun for Thanksgiving.

While I was at it, I made one for my sis, so I can’t wait to see how she uses it.  As soon as she gets her camera fixed, I’m sure she’ll be sharing that with all of you too!  Hint hint!  Wink wink!

And I’m sure she’ll thank me for the chalk dust everywhere.  🙂