Yeah! We have a winner in our Cake Stand Giveaway! Thank you to all who entered!!! Thank you to Ashleigh’s hubby who helps with the powertools and to Ashleigh for designing some dang cute cake stands!

Drumroll please……

Renee from Renee’s Soirees you are the happy owner of two sunshine yellow cake stands!

On a side note, today I sent 5 kids to new schools for their first day! First grade through High School Senior and I just have little Boo to keep me company. I might actually have to clean my house today. Or sit around and hope they make new friends. Or craft. Or take a nap to congratulate myself for surviving the summer.

Back to school reminds me of how much we love teachers!!!! Our mom was a teacher and she did not mess around! In her classroom she did cow eye dissections, snail races, taught French, did plays, and had an endless supply of brain teasers for her students.

(Just so you know, it’s super uncool to open the freezer to offer your friends some ice cream and find 200 cow eyes staring back at you)

As faithful daughters, we have done our share of coloring, laminating, cutting out laminating, hanging borders on bulletin boards, giving a thumbs up on the new outfit for Open House, and forgiving mom for cow parts in the freezer.

So in our mom’s honor (and because we love our kids even when they smell like playground and hope their teachers might overlook that smell as they educate our stinky cherubs) we like to take care of teachers!!

Here’s a little something for the first day of school. (Or any time your teachers need some sweet talk)


I was inspired by this fill-a-bowl that our friend Allison (THE crazy hair day magician) made for us with some cool Halloween candy, thanks Allison!


So I decided to fill-a-cup! These cups are so hip that if you don’t already own one you feel like a loser. I have cup envy, is it obvious?

I cut some white cardstock the height of the cup, folded the strips and glued each “V” together so it made spokes. I tapered the paper on the bottom so it would fit in the tapered cup cause I’m smart like that.


Then fill ‘er up with some back to school goodies! Put the straw in first 🙂


I made some paper cozies with the teachers’ names. And, you don’t want your name cozy getting wet when you use your hip cup so HE-LOOOO! I laminated them with the new laminator Ash got me for my birthday! I feel a whole post coming soon about her laminating love affair. She snuggles the laminator sometimes. 🙂


Hopefully we’re off to a great start at our new school. Now, I need to sweet talk the office staff….