First of all, I call it “soda.” I giggle when people say “pop”. But, I’m equal opportunity when it comes to cold fizzy happiness. Call it what you want. I like it.

This craft hails from my sister-in-law who lives in Utah, so maybe we should call it pop in honor of all crafty Utahans.


Ready to make em?

First, drink soda, or go to the gas station and dig through trash. Rinse and empty.

Find the section with the nutrition information. That is not cute and I don’t want any kind of calories on my happy bows. I used a knife to slice from top to bottom.


Then you have to make some decisions whether to use utility scissors or a knife to cut the top and bottom off. This weighty matter depends on the sharpness of your knife, or scissors or who in the house might be trying to do homework while your knife makes a sound worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. I used scissors. Such complainers my kids!


Now you have a little rectangle of aluminum which you can load into your Cricut. Your Cricut might get mad at you a few times. It’s not used to working so hard. I set it on the slowest speed and highest presssure and it still didn’t cut completely through but I just eased the shape out with tender loving care. I probably should have gotten a new blade, that would have required a trip to the store right in the middle of my bee in my bonnet.


If you don’t have a die cutting machine, never fear. Just cut a circle and cut from the outside into fourths and then cut each fourth in half.


Then round each petal into your desired shape.


Whichever way you cut your flowers, you will want to cut graduating sizes and then bend the aluminum a bit. I bent each petal upward at its base and then rounded the edge downward for a more natural look. Staple the layers together twice upside down and then you can slide your clip under the staple.


What’s more natural than metal die cuts on your head. My husband was a bit worried about my sanity but the edges really aren’t sharp, promise. The girls were finding outfits to match their new flowers.


I’m thinking they would be fun for spirit day in school colors. They would be awesome as a bow on a gift for a friend who loves a certain brand of soda. The brands of soda and colors are endless. I considered asking my teenager to grab cool ice tea or energy drink cans from people at school when they were done. But, that might be slightly embarrassing at your brand new school so I’ll have to stalk them instead.

And this one is for you, Ash. Your very own Diet Pepsi bracelet.


Not that we drink that or anything.