There were plenty of dinosaur cookie cutters to buy online.  I even bought some.
But when I made them, They didn’t impress me much.  They were a little too realistic.  I wanted my dinosaurs to be kind of cutesy.  So I ended up making my own paper template (like I did here) and cut out the vague shape with a knife.  The cookies don’t end up exactly the same shape, but close enough that I can decorate using my projector and make them look pretty close.

I took these pictures before the color had already set completely.  Do you see how the feet are darker than the rest of the body.  The color deepens and takes a good day and a half to become it’s final color.  Red ALWAYS does this and a few others too.  I guess I’ll add parsley green (avocado and leaf green) to that list.  No need to panic like I did the first time.  I just plan enough time for it to do it’s thing.

These dinosaurs were for a 4 year old girl.  So we had to girly up the t-rex (her favorite) with eyelashes (food writers) and glitter cheeks (pink luster dust).

But we need to talk about the fact, that I just can’t stop doing scalloped edges and “wet on wet” polka-dots.  I experiment and try things different ways, but I always come back to this style.  It is always my favorite for a monogram, or number in this case.  Thank-you Bridget, I was inspired by you!

Yes, polka-dot and scalloped cookies are so cute, they are bound to become extinct…eaten!
(I’m sorry, sometimes I just can’t resist the cheesiness)!

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