We are so excited that we have recently hit 1000 followers!
1000 people actually care about our projects?  What?
While followers aren’t the most important thing, or the reason why we blog, it sure makes us feel good to think that you want to check out our little space on the big old internet!  And since I am constantly looking for real or made-up reasons to celebrate things.  I think this is reason enough to celebrate!  Oh, and it’s both of our birthdays this week, so we are in party mode…  Let’s give something away!!!

We are giving away 2 yellow cake stands.
Yellow because it matches our blog and because yellow is all that.

When deciding what to offer you, our dedicated followers, we looked at our blog stats to see that our most popular post of all time is “Project Wedding- The Cake Stands.”
stands at reception
We are flattered that these have been featured on so many sites that we respect!  It was even our ticket into a crafting contest a few years back!  So it just seemed fitting that we give away something that you love!

My favorite thing is that they are wood so they you can paint and repaint them for any party or occasion.
You can put a plate on them and serve food on them, like at the wedding…
cookies on stand
They were red at Christmas, Valentines and for this Ladybug party…
They were pink for this baby shower
Some are now black and ready to put pumpkins on for Halloween…  It’s going to be great!
You can use them for serving or for decorating in general!
I think I’m going to put one in my craft room just to put stacks of cute fabric on!
But wait, these cute yellow stands aren’t mine, they will soon be shipping to one of you!

So thanks to my husband’s help with breaking out the power tools, we have 2 new cake stands that we are sending one of you!  There are two ways to enter the giveaway:
*Leave a comment telling us you are a follower.  If you aren’t a follower yet, just click “follow” in the box on our right sidebar.
*“Like” Bee in our bonnet on facebook and leave a comment telling us you did!  We just set up this new fan page and we are excited to offer another way to receive our updates.  Just press “like” on our sidebar and it will take you to our page.
(Please leave 2 comments if you did both).
We will pick a winner with “random integrator” in a week.  August 17th!  Good luck!

But seriously, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you for your comments, support, and encouragement.  You have been patient even if our blog has no rhyme or reason sometimes.  We may post 5 or 15 times a month.  We may be on a food kick, a painting kick, a cookie kick, a wedding kick, a sewing kick, a scrapbook kick, or who knows what!  Yes, whatever is the current “bee in our bonnet,” that’s what you get on this blog.  It has to fit in with our life, and current priorities.  Blogging has motivated us and pushed our creativity further than before.  And reading your blogs has been the most inspiring thing of all!  We love this 2-way street that is the blogging community!  We look forward to more!