Ashleigh and I had baby girls two weeks apart without even planning on it. We just think alike.

And these girls are BFF’s! They are dancing, swimming, nail-painting, trampoline-jumping, crafting, laughing, phone-calling girls.

(They are also the bossy, speech-therapist, I know the plan and you don’t girls- and that only refers to my sweetie, Ashleigh’s daughter is a happy, go with the flow, smiling girl)

Alas I have dashed all their dreams of going to middle school dances and telling that cute boy that “my friend likes you” together because we moved away.

So, in a little attempt to keep their little hearts and souls happy we did a BFF Pajama Swap.


With a quick cut and a quick sewing job, I switched the bottoms of their pajamas so they could have a little part of each other no matter what. The girls decided to switch shirts, too.


So with summertime hair, cool PJ’s and a sleepover we had two happy girls.