My oldest wanted to go to a theme park for a day instead of having a birthday party.  Easy enough for mom!  But we still had to do the traditional birthday dinner and cake at home.  And a girl as cool as this needs a cool cake!  Sidenote: I just love this girl, and I’m so proud of who she is!
birthday girl
(digital frame purchased from house of 3)

I remember coming across a tie-dye-ish cake when I googled “rainbow cake” a while ago.  But when you google “tie-dye cake” you get lots of variations of cake batter that is dyed and mixed.
This was our take on a tie-dye cake:

You can see my buttercream was a little thick.  I was so busy trying to smooth it out, you know, since I broke up with fondant and couldn’t use it.  By the way, I appreciate all of your comments and sympathizing with my break-up.  Apparently I’m not alone.  So anyway, back to the butter cream…I used too much, but didn’t realize it until I cut into it.  But seriously, the birthday girl eats her cake like this anyway…

But something has got to hold the cakes together, so simple buttercream frosting did the trick.
I topped it with curly candles and a mini pennant banner.  Pretty simple, and she loved her little sign.

So here’s how it went down:
I started with 2 white cake mixes.  (I know sometimes I’m a foodie snob, but sometimes I just want it to be fast.  Call me fickle.)  I divided and dyed.  I wasn’t really happy with my shade of green, but… “you win some, you lose some.”  Oh well.


Then I lined my pans with parchment, buttered and floured.

Then little miss birthday girl, helped me pour the batter.  I think that how you pour it, has a lot to do with
how it looks in the end.  You can decide if you want to pour in small or large amounts of color.

This is how ours looked before baking.

But when all of the randomness is layered on top of one another, you get a tie-dyed cake!

You also get a happy “birthday girl!”  Which is even better than a tie-dyed cake!
70s copy
(photoshop action from pioneer woman