The season has come to a close.  No more sitting by the pool and sweating my brains out.
My flip flop and farmer tan will now start to fade because summer swim team is over.

And how do I thank the swim coaches who’s farmer tan is worse than mine?

That’s right, with some cookies!

I’m such a fan of swim team for my kids.  Nothing solidifies those strokes like swimming all summer long.  It’s also a great boredom buster.  When we have a low key day, they can always look forward to going to swim team.  This being my 5th summer, I’ve never thought of a swim cookie until now!  Then it hit me, duh!  I could make the simple little swimmer guy from logos and signs.  He’s kind of cute.

Now I think it’s time to work on some back to school cookies.  It’s coming before I know it!
But first, I must finish my summer goals!  More projects to come!