I may be fired from the blog. Ashleigh only keeps me around cause she loves me, not because I post regularly.

In the midst of our moving date looming ๐Ÿ™


I decided to use a delay tactic which I’m pretty sure is healthy. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s called I must completely catch up on scrapbooking instead of pack and organize. So I completed 3 entire albums and caught up my kids’ school scrapbooks. I am evaluating my time and how I want to scrapbook. I never scrapbook out of guilt, I do it because I love it. And, my pages aren’t fabulous, usually I scraplift a sketch, but the events are documented. But, my time is limited and I can’t keep up scrapbook pages about cute faces.


Or pages with no journaling, just because I like the pictures.


Or pages with just a poem because I adore these people.


But I plan to do my beloved Project Life forever. The cute faces and cute kisses can all still be documented. But it will take minutes instead of an hour. And I will continue to do a summary page for each year for each of my kids where I list what activities they do and pieces of their personality.


And maybe a holiday page or two.

And if I must, just a page like this for missy’s book because really, how cute are pink soccer players?

It feels great to be caught up and Ash was my cheerleader as my stack of pages kept growing. Then we laughed when her hubby saw the huge stack and said, “Oh did you scrapbook today?”

So, here’s my first post in a different city than my sis. It’s only been four days and I miss her. So hopefully instead of firing me, she’ll come visit. Until then, I’ll be unpacking….