In the midst of packing and my scrapbooking madness, I got to have the welcome diversion of going to our church girls camp as a leader for a week. And, in my usual chicken-with-her-head-cut-off kind of style, I decided to make fabric flowers for the girls 2 days before camp. If every single person with a craft blog on the internet can do it, so can I, right?

The camp theme was “Oh, the places you’ll go…” and all things Dr. Seuss. And since Wednesday was “Wacky Wednesday” my flowers could be made of lots of leftover fabric. They have actual Dr. Seuss fabric at our local store so I bought a little with the words on it.


But, I was the leader for 44 girls, the youth leaders ages 15-17.

44 flowers takes kind of a long time. Note to self, there are actually only 24 hours in a day.


Not quite enough hours for cutting 7 circles 4.5 inches in diameter for the bottom layer and 5 circles 3.5 inches for the top layer. And a felt circle for the base. Thankfully Ashleigh rescued me in my late night hours of insanity.


And folding the circle in half and then into an offcentered “S” shape. And glueing to the felt base.

Do that times a million until you have no fingerprints left because of glue gun burns.

For the middles I used a ton of scrapbooking big buttons and accents, like the random umbrella and teacup button I never found a use for and some cute soccer balls and dance buttons.

And finally smile when you see this at camp. A little bit of pretty among the layers of dirt.


And enjoy the rest of the week getting to be my daughter’s leader and seeing these cute faces!


And I’m hoping one day I have fingerprints again. 🙂