Here’s a quick project to do with your kiddos… bracelets made from your fabric scraps!

My daughter realized the night before that she was signed up to sell at her school “market day.”

Last time she had prepared for weeks, by making tons of tied embroidery thread bracelets.
Before she panicked, I told her we could work it out.  I love it when I get to be the hero!  I don’t so much like when she procrastinates, but if the end result is that she thinks I’m awesome, I’m good with that!

So we made some cookies, and then went to my stash of fabric scraps.  We made some fabric flowers and then I experimented with some fabric bracelets.  This was just an experiment, but she quickly loved it!

There is nothing faster or simpler than braiding, but with cute fabric, you can’t go wrong!
I know these won’t last forever, since the edges are raw, but she can sport the frayed look until she gets over this bracelet, which should be about a week from today.  hahaha

We made about 10 and she came home excited that she “sold out” right away!  She said that so many people are asking her to still make them one.

While this isn’t the coolest thing I’ve ever done, it was a hit with my 10 and 7 year old girls, so I thought it might be a good summer project for some of you.  Here’s how I did it.

I used scraps that were approx 15″ long and 2.5 in wide.  It doesn’t have to be exact.
Then we got our little buddy to pinch the ends and hold for us.
Next my daughter braided, trying to keep the right side of the fabric, out.
Then we estimated wrist size and crossed the ends.
She handed it to me and ran a few zig zag stitches with clear thread, to secure it.
Then I cut a scrap off one of the ends
Folded it in thirds and secured that with a dot of hot glue.
We gathered the point of the seam and wrapped our little piece around.  I secured it with another dot of hot glue.  Then we used a needle and thread to tack it down even more.  Then you just need to trim the crazy tails to look like a little bow.

With her cookies and fabric creations, she made out pretty well, making $380 school money.
With her school money, she can shop from other kids’ booths and buy some of their creations!  Pretty fun!

And she is still digging the bracelet she kept for herself.