I’ve got a few kids already out of school for the summer.
It’s week one and I just dare them to say “I’m Boooorrreed”
Because all bored children get a chore to do. Really, with all the mess around here, Mama’s never bored!

It’s really hard to follow a tricked out remote control cookie but I have a fun project that will impress your children and requires no special supplies or skills.
So you may just want to keep this little activity in your back pocket for an “I’m bored” moment.
Edible paints!


Also known as milk mixed with food coloring!


No tutorial required, although I do suggest some new paint brushes.


You can turn your creation into toast.


Or use cookie cutters to cut a fancy PBJ and let your kids go crazy!
Everyone wants permission to play with their food, right?


Here’s to kicking off your summer.
I’m wishing you no whining, complaining or fighting of children.
I’m wishing the kids will read quietly, getting smarter by themselves while you do projects.
And then you can laugh and play at the beach while doing the perfect family photo shoot.
If only I were a fairy godmother and my wishes came true ๐Ÿ™‚
Happy start to your summer anyway!