I’m sharing another one of my genius friends this week…

My good friend, Michiko is not only one of the kindest people I know, but is also completely amazing in her (beautiful) kitchen.  She has an adventurous, yet scientific approach to cooking.  She studies cookbooks and most importantly, experiments until she gets it right.  I just try to find reasons to cook with her and hope her expertise rubs off on me!

She recently introduced me to homemade yogurt.  She actually made gallons of it for our church Easter party and served it with various fruits and toppings to make the yummiest parfaits on the planet!
homemade yogurt parfait

I knew I had to learn how to make this stuff, as vanilla yogurt is a staple in our house.  So when I discovered that she had written out her recipe over on her blog I quickly bought the ingredients.  I’m pleased to say that it turned out great!  I gave my neighbor a jar of it and she texted me, “I didn’t know homemade yogurt could be so much better than store-bought!  Wow.”

And this is what I have had for breakfast…. every day this week!
Homemade Yogurt + Fresh Fruit + Granola = Really Yummy

These are the only ingredients you’ll need (and you’ll need your kitchen scale to measure those ounces):
1 gallon milk
10.5 oz. non-fat dry milk
15 oz. sugar
.6 oz. unflavored gelatin
3/4 c. plain yogurt for the starter

After you come back from the grocery store with your ingredients, go to Michiko’s blog for step by step instructions.  You will be so happy when you end up with one whole gallon of fresh, homemade yogurt goodness!  There is enough to share, but you may find yourself hoarding it.  I’m speaking from experience here!

Thanks again Michiko, for letting me share your recipe!
(Oh, and I’ll be forever indebted to you for introducing me to steak au poivre).