Here’s a riddle for you:
Star Trek is to “Trekkie” as Star Wars is to ___________?

Well, whatever the term is, my son is one of them.  A Star Wars fanatic!!!
At some point in this past year he had some exposure to Star Wars at his cousins’ house.
He came home asking me a lot of questions that I couldn’t answer.  Then a really nice Santa gave him the first movie, and light saber and a few “guys.”  The obsession just keeps growing.  And I have a feeling we’ve only scratched the surface.  I’m no longer fighting it.  I see how incredibly excited he gets when he’s telling me he wants to be Obi Wan Kenobi when he grows up.

So we decided to throw a low key, Star Wars party!

One of my fave bloggers Kalleen {At Second Street}, first showed me how incredibly fabulous a star wars party could be.

It was from her that I learned how to make homemade light sabers.
I had a bunch of wrapping paper rolls I had saved for the sake of light sabers.  I used the pipe insulation and pvc (the guy at home depot cut it right up for me) that fit right over that.  Then I wrapped it in foil tape and colored duck tape.
light sabers

The week prior to the party was the best week of this kid’s life, so far.  He had all of these light sabers to play with!  I often found him hugging them.  He wanted to challenge everyone to a battle with one in each hand.
light saber play

At the party.  We played hot potato with one light saber.   Then we played duck, duck, goose (tapping on heads with a light saber) and substituted the words jedi, jedi, sith.  Then we brought all of them out, turned on the Star Wars theme music and all the kids went to battle.  These things are nice and soft, and really light, so they really worked great for the kids.  I think at this moment, my son thought he was a real jedi.

I made light saber snacks by dipping pretzel rods in carmel, then in blue chocolate.  I don’t know if the kids got the correlation, but they tasted good.

The kids had star shaped pb j’s and the mom’s had chicken salad sandwiches.  I threw in some chips. fruits and vegetables and I called it good.
star sandwiches

We did cupcakes instead of cake.
I made these simple toppers by punching out of some star wars scrapbook paper.

I actually made too many.  I was about to throw them away, then I thought of my blog friends.  If there is by chance, any of you out there, throwing a star wars party and in desperate need of 19 cupcake toppers, just leave a comment and a way to contact you.  I’ll mail them your way.  Throwing these away would be a tragedy to a true Star Wars fanatic.

And you know I couldn’t pass up the chance to try a Star Wars cookie.  I actually had several friends who know my son’s addiction, refer me to this cookie cutter set at Williams Sonoma.

So here was my first attempt at Yoda.  I think this was the hardest cookie I’ve ever done.  One wrong move and it changes the face a ton.  Besides, what does Yoda really look like anyway?
yoda cookie

Darth Vader wasn’t quite as hard.  Although, my son was disappointed that it was just his face and not the whole body with the light saber.  I might have to use “the force” to accomplish that task!
darth vader cookie

And that was their favor!

There was so much more I could have done with this theme.  But for my son, this simple party was his dream come true.  He told me several times later, “I had the best day ever!”

I hope he grows out of this phase sometime before the age of 20.  But for now, the Star Wars toys are here to stay.  I better study up and watch the movies so I can answer his burning questions.  Like, “What does it mean when a jedi has a braid?”  And, “Is he a droid, or a robot?”

And if any of you know the answer to my riddle, let me know.  🙂