It’s really hard to follow that crazy hair post. That Allison is a hair ar-tiste! I thought putting one side in a pony tail and one side in a braid was crazy hair.

But, since a few of you said you liked the Cub Scout ideas, here are some more for you! We just pulled off a space themed Blue and Gold Dinner and it was “out of this world!”

We started by assembling invitation kits for the boys. They can pass off a requirement by making an invitation but we also need to make sure the actual correct information gets home to parents. I put all the little robot pieces in a baggie for each boy and then let the den leaders sue me. Actually, they said the boys did great.


We asked the den leaders to have the boys each make a robot/spaceship/rocket-ish thing out of recycled materials that we could use for centerpieces. Also, passing off more requirements. Yeah! And the boys did awesome.




Then, the Cubmaster and I went a bit crazy with butcher paper and fluorescent paint.



Because when you put fluorescent paint under black lights, it glows!


We strung little white Christmas lights across the gym to look like the starry night. Which looked better when the lights were off and the black lights were on, but you get the idea.


For our gathering activities we made spaceships out of paper plates.


Then, they got to go to the slime table.


To make alien slime:
put 8 oz. Elmers glue into bowl
Add warm water to glue containers, shake and empty into bowl with glue
Add food coloring
In another container mix 1/2 cup warm water with 1 tsp Borax powder
While stirring glue mixure, slowly add Borax mixture
After a minute, throw your spoon down and get your hands in there.

A huge hit of the night was our alien punch. Add some dry ice to green punch and 8 year olds think you are a rock star.


We hung several black sheets and put the awards on silver stars up at the front. We had the rank advancements on really cool rocketship. And in our neverending attempt to find the corniest but most loved cheers, we had some doozies.

Spock cheer: While holding up Spock hands shout “Live long and prosper!”
Buzz Lightyear cheer: “To Infinity and Beyond”
Far out cheer: One side of room says “FAR” followed by the other side saying “OUT”
Countdown cheer: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.. Blast off!


For the Blue and Gold we always give a huge thank you to our leaders. Nothing says thanks for planning enriching and meaningful activities every week all year for 8 energetic boys like a bottle of sparkling cider! It’s the thought that counts, right? “Thanks for adding SPARKLE to the Cub Scout Program”


The families can’t go without thanks, too. They’re worth a million bucks but luckily I found these bags of fun size Milky Ways for only a dollar. The____ family is a STAR in our Cub Scout Galaxy”


Don’t forget singing. Do this one in a round to the tune of “Are you sleeping.” R2D2, R2D2, C3P0, C3PO, Obi Wan Kanobe, Obi Wan Kanobe, Hans Solo, Hans Solo.

And to reward yourself for singing, have a cupcake! By far the easiest and cheapest dessert for a crowd!


It’s such a production to set all of this up and no one wants to be there forever cleaning up. So, we have a sneaky way of preparing post event games out in the lobby and hallways for the kids so the adults have no choice but to stay and help clean up. Evil geniuses, we are!

Game 1: Spaceship through the black hole (Use the paper plate spaceships and throw them through hanging hula hoops)
Game 2: Planet partners (relays holding blow up planets between the backs of partners)
Game 3: Rocket toss (Place printed out planets in order down the hall and try to land a bean bag rocket on each one. )

These are the bean bag rockets I made. Some of them look like fish, I already know.

It was such a great night, topped off by cool prizes for each boy that were donated by businesses in the community. Free movies, bowling, rock climbing, mini golf and more. Happiness can come in a coupon!

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