I love my Easter baskets.
They aren’t personalized like the ones from Pottery Barn. They aren’t perfect. But, they make me happy.
I made them in maybe 1999 when I had two kids. And I made 5 baskets.
I even talked Ashleigh into making some and she was just married with no kids!
I made them when I was on a major rag rug kick. I had a great friend whose mom sold mill end fabrics by the pound. So I bought tons of strips of fabric and crocheted my little heart out.


Here is a link to some directions.  I don’t read crochet patterns well.
I just like to dig in and figure it out but this may be a start for you smarter people.



It involves lots of single crochet and a big plastic crochet hook (“Q” I think)

This was classic Kathryn/ Ashleigh mojo from the very beginning. I used all different fabrics and made the baskets different shapes and sizes. Ashleigh used different solid fabrics but with one unifying fabric and made them all the same size. So us!

I looked online without much success for the type of fabric I used, but a friend of mine used jelly rolls. You do have to sew the ends together but the width of the fabric is perfect for these baskets.  You need it to be really, REALLY long, so keep sewing those strips together!


With the absolute cuteness of the fabric that’s out there, I may just get on a kick again!
Or, since Ashleigh made one basket too many and I need one more…..

She could just give me one of hers.

Although I’m still trying to talk her into that 4th kid!