I’m officially a baseball mom.

My little guy just started T-ball practices.  It has been a new experience so far.  I have two older girls so I know the ins and outs of ballet, piano recitals and swim team.  But this will be my first experience with sports.  I’m excited and nervous.  Excited because there’s never been anything cuter than 4 year olds in a baseball uniform.  Nervous because this means I’m getting busier.  Can I hack it?  We’ll see!
Justin, baseball

We are bringing cookies to his new baseball friends in honor of his birthday this week.
I used my favorite cookie cutter set.  Baseballs are just one of a million things that you can make with all of those circles.  I used my squeezie bottles with a #2 tip to make the red stitching.  Simple and cute.

Speaking of that favorite cookie cutter set, someone is about to win one!

I was really pumped to see all of your excitement about the cookie kit giveaway!  I had fun clicking on ALL of your profiles (if you had one) and seeing all of your blogs!  I don’t want to break any cookie lovers’ hearts.  I really wish this giveaway was like Oprah’s.  I could yell, “You get a car cookie kit.  You get a car cookie kit.  You get a car cookie kit…!”  But I’m no Oprah, just a crazy cookie girl with a blog.  So I’ve got one winner!!!  (I love the rest of you too).

Drumroll please…
Michelle from Creatively Purposed, COME ON DOWN!  (#56)

If cookies are your new thing, (like baseball is mine) then have fun and enjoy it!  I will warn you now that cookie decorating can be addicting.

And thank-you to all of you who follow along with us and join in the creative conversation.
You make it really fun to share ideas!