Have you ever had someone tell you that you can’t do something? And it makes you want to dig down to find your inner two year old and say “Just watch me!”

Well, that’s what happened after I made a baby scrapbook for my oldest daughter 16 years ago.
I heard “Oh, that’s great, but the second and third won’t get anything.”
And I decided then and there that my future children would get a baby scrapbook.
Out of spite.
And, cause I love em.
And even though I never tell them life is fair, it really annoys me when they point out my parental inconsistencies.

And because I have a horrible memory and already get confused about what time they were each born. Gasp!

So, just for laughs (And I won’t be offended if you do laugh) here is a little trip down baby book memory lane.

Reid, 2010
Not ashamed I bought a kit ( in 2008 designed by the superhero a.k.a. Becky Higgins), am super stoked I got it done and he’s only 13 months. Take that, naysayers!



Camille, 2005
The easiest way to keep my mind free to forget important details it to make sure they are written down. Every month I record what the babies are doing on my computer, that way, whenever I get around to scrapbooking it, my facts are right.


Natalie, 2003
I generally do a page or layout for each month. Sometimes and extra for when they walk or crawl. But, mostly I like to keep it simple. After all, I need to keep my brain free to remember that the tooth fairy needs to come tonight, FOR SURE, since she forgot for the last 3 nights. More gasping!


Will, 2001
When black and white was all the rage in Scrapbooking. And punches. And putting my baby in a basket.


Jared, 1997
When every picture had to be backed and/ or the subject cut out of the background. Good times.


Corinne, 1994
Now get out a camera that takes blurry pictures, your oval cutting template and lots of stickers cause you are ready to scrapbook the 90’s away.


I hope you giggled a little, cause I know I did. Just be glad I spared you the pregnant woman profile full page die cut with the little ultrasound in the die cut belly. Scary! Photography and the art of scrapbooking have come leaps and bounds in these 16 years. The last baby book is definitely better than the first but they all have some semblance of recorded memories so they can’t try to say I have a favorite.

Even though they all know my favorite child is whichever one isn’t currently fussing.