Happy Valentine’s Day!  
I hope you are celebrating with the ones you love, and with chocolate!

I’ll take some chocolate cake pops over traditional chocolates any day of the year!  Yum!
I adore the fabulous bakerella for inventing these!  {I finally picked up her book this week!  Love!}
I almost died the day she featured my chicky snacks on her blog.  Yeah, you can call me a “pop star” if you want!

It’s hard to make these any cuter, but I stand by my policy that everything is better with some cellophane,  some ribbon and and tag!

They make fabulous gifts, I’d say.

I enjoyed making these with my daughter this weekend.  (All 410 of them).  We had some good talks, but the best part was getting to eat a few “cake flops.”  That’s what we called the mess-ups.  We would celebrate if there was one that turned out ugly because it gave us permission to eat it!

I also have to hand it to my Valentine this year.  What a wonderful surprise date he planned!
I feel lucky to be surrounded by so much love, and so much chocolate!  Have a great day!