I have been in denial that my baby is one. All of my friends know to never say “He”s getting so big!” I prefer, “He’s such a tiny thing, are you even feeding him?” or “What is he like 6 weeks old now?”

By posting his birthday, I may just have to face reality. It’s probably the first step on the way to even thinking about letting him go to kindergarden.


We just had a little party where the main attraction was the birthday boy eating cake. I made a turtle cake in honor of our mom who loved turtles and tortoises. She tried to teach us a love of animals and to appreciate diversity when she brought the 3 legged water turtle home. His name was Gambi and we were not allowed under any circumstances to make fun of him for his disability. Even when he swam around in circles. Awwww! Memories!


When I did a quick search of turtle cakes online they were mostly a 3D version with cupcakes for legs. I wanted just a simple turtle shape. I drew the turtle on cardstock and used the template for his shirt, hat and cake. Small turtle for his hat and his cake to maul. Large turtle for his shirt and the cake to serve up.


And, the fabulous Ashleigh, cookie artist extraordinaire agreed to decorate my turtle cookies for favors.

The birthday was a success, he dove right in to the cake and loved all the attention. But, if you see me out buying size 3-6 month clothes for him, you’ll know I need an intervention. Until then, I’ll just have another cookie.