Have you guys seen this fabulous blog?

Here’s what I love about it:

-The name.  Seriously…Crazy Domestic?  It’s so perfect.  I’m pretty sure I’m crazy half the time and domestic is what I’m trying to be the other half of the time.

-The ideas.  I can’t get enough of their crafts and treats and tutorials.  I’m an everything kind of girl.  I love it all.  Crafts, food, refinishing, paper stuff, organization, the whole she-bang.  And crazy domestic covers it all for me.

-The gals behind the blog.  These bloggers know what they’re doing.  Professionals, I tell ya!

-I’m guest posting (no small feat for a beginner like myself) on their blog today!  Yay!  And they’ve invited me back every Wednesday this month.  WOOOOHOOOOO!  I’m going to be diving right into the nitty gritty of sugar cookie decorating.  I get a lot of questions and emails about this, but up till now I’ve been too lazy to write down every little step.  So today is post 1 out of 4!

I love this blog so much, I made a cookie about it.

Go check out my post and their fabulous blog!