Oh my goodness, can I just say that Ashleigh is getting to be a cookie goddess!!?!?! Those Valentine cookies were too cute to eat. In fact when I went to her house and saw one half eaten I had a little anxiety attack. Kind of like how I hate to ruin the top of a new peanut butter jar, but way worse. It’s like eating a work of art!

If those cookies make you tired, here’s a couple of treats I whipped out in about 30 minutes.

Rice Krispie Treat Kisses!


Just make your Rice Krispie Treat recipe and push the warm marshmallowy goodness into a little funnel! Just grease the funnel and push the Treat into the mold. I pop them right out and they hold their shape so I can use the funnel to keep making them. After I do take my freshly buttered hands and shape them a bit. My funnel is a little more rounded and I want to get just the right kiss shape.


After they harden, wrap them up in a square of tinfoil. It helps to butter or spray the tin foil. I printed out little messages in blue ink on vellum to complete the Hershey Kiss look. And there you have some very personalized treats!

Or if you want to just put some Rice Krispie Treats in a pyrex like normal people, instead of cutting them in squares, use a cookie cutter to Valentine them up!

And really anything on a stick just begs to be eaten.

Naked treats. (Not that that kind of treat!)


Treats covered in chocolate!


Now go get some Rice Krispie Treats and make them immediately – or hide them from the kids until you do!

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