I’m pretty bad at scheduling play dates, much less do I plan activities.

But I’ve been inspired by a blog to create “themed play” for my kids and their friends.

On this occasion, it was robots!  We made a robot, built a “robot” with blocks, had a robot treat and read a robot book.  It didn’t go perfectly, but I felt good knowing I was trying.  And I know the boys had more fun and less time to disagree about what to play.

Great ideas I copied, huh!
But, have you ever had a blog you loved, but kept it a secret on purpose?  You didn’t put a link to it anywhere even though you check it a few times a week?  You didn’t tell any friends, or family about it? I don’t know where this selfishness came from, but it’s true.  Sad, but true.

But, I’m feeling generous today.
(and I must give proper credit to my themed play inspiration)

Because I love you, my bloggy family.

So, I’m going to share this site with you that will knock your socks, shoes and possibly other things off.

You ready for it?  Brace yourself?

You might wet your pants at the…
kid crafts and
plethora of ideas!

Okay, here’s the link… Katherine Marie Photography.

You’re gonna love it!