First of all, it’s been so fun to follow Season 2 of Crafting with the Stars. Contestants, hope you have a Little Ceasars close by or that your kids can get their own cereal, cause mama needs to craft.

So, my baby, like my sixth, think it’s my last, kind of baby, is turning one. And, I might be having an emotional breakdown. And really, who needs therapy when you can craft yourself out of a funk. ­čÖé

I had this Tilano Transfer Kit given to me by a great friend for my birthday. With this kit, you can take anything, photos, text, artwork and transfer that onto any medium such as wood, glass, concrete, metal or walls. Since I was having a little nostalgia I decided I finally had the right project to give this kit a spin.

I wanted to capture his first year, so I cyber gathered 12 pictures, one a month and then edited them in Photoshop. I cropped in close on his face, changed it to black and white and increased the contrast.

Then you take 2 of your very precious 3 8.5 X 11 sheets of transfer paper to the local copy store. Ink jet ink won’t work, only laser toner. Read the fine print. Even though the images were black and white, the directions said to print it in color.

Next, paint both the surface you want to transfer onto and the transfer paper with the Transfer Medium from the kit. I decided to transfer onto glass.

When it was dry, I cut my images up and placed them on the glass.

The next step is to brush more Transfer Medium onto the surface, the glass in this case, put the pictures face down and use the scraper tool to push all the air bubbles and excess Transfer Medium out. The directions warned not to get the Transfer Medium onto the back of the paper, so just wipe the scraper.

That needs to dry for 3 hours. Then with a wet foam brush, brush water onto the back of the paper until it becomes transparent. That means the image transfered properly. (This is the part I was crossing my fingers).

But, it worked! Insert happy dance!

12 happy baby faces that make me happy even though he is a year old. And, I possibly need chocolate therapy in addition to craft therapy to deal with this one.