I love watching my kids play soccer.
I love warm breezy afternoons, breathing in fresh air, sitting on the sidelines cheering on my little cherubs.
I love seeing my kids progress from being scared of the ball to charging in for the goal.
I do not love lugging lawn chairs, snacks, cameras, and small children from a parking spot in the next state to the field.
I do not love that the kids seem to always need to use the nastiest park bathroom on the planet or 8:00 am games.
But, the fun always outweighs the bad, and I’m a sucker every year when it comes to sign ups.
Alas, the end has come of a somewhat painful season. Camille’s team won every game, Will’s team won about half, and Jared’s team…well…there’s always next year. Or not.
So in honor of the end of the year party, I used Ashleigh’s copy cake to assist me in making some soccer cookies.


I guess they were a hit because every 5 minutes one mom kept taking 3 cookies and putting them in her purse. I don’t know if she forgot she was bringing snack to the soccer game or selling them on ebay, but she sure liked them. That’s when I knew I had a winner on my hands.


So whether you are doing a happy dance that soccer season is over or in a state of depression, a soccer cookie makes everything a little better.