First off, did you notice our makeover?
I had been playing around with our blog design and it still wasn’t right.
Then I found the fabulous Lindsay Nicole Design Studio.  I fell in love with her clean, simple and beautiful designs.  We used one of her templates and made some personalized changes and…. tadaaaaa!  I love it.  It’s not too different, but much better!

Now for some more cookies…
I made these for my daughter’s class!  I have given kids real gingerbread cookies before and found that many of the kids didn’t actually like the taste of gingerbread.  (Silly kids).  Sticking with a sugar cookie version of a gingerbread man is usually a hit with all kids.
gingerbread men

I also wanted to share with you this version… made by a fun group of kids.
kid made

We had a little cookie party with some friends and I think it was a success.
I do things a little differently when kids are decorating.  They have a hard time with the outlining and filling process.  The royal icing usually ends up sliding right off the sides of the cookie.  Plus, there is no time for it to dry when they want to eat it right after you make it.  I find it works well to use a spreadable buttercream, or in this case, dyed store-bought frosting.

Then I also made some royal icing and put it in squeezie bottles for them to decorate with.  The royal icing flows really easily from the bottles and is easy for kids to use.
Don’t you love the moment I captured in this picture on the left!
Z kids

Of course they can get really fancy with mom’s help!
The Ts

Miss A

I just wanted to share what I found works well after doing many cookie sessions in kids’ classrooms and at home.  Good luck with your cookie parties!

I also want to thank a few sites who have recently featured our work.  I was really excited to discover these great sites!  Take a look at:
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