Aren’t these little turkeys the cutest?
The best thing about them is, you get four cookies for the price of one!
The second best thing is, you don’t need to have a turkey cookie cutter to make these turkeys!
heart turkeys

It all started when my daughter wanted to make a turkey craft.  She wanted feathers, but I told her we were fresh out of feathers.  I can only store so much crafty crapola!  Then she told me, “Mom!  I forgot that you can make turkeys out of hearts!”  Then she set out to prove it and proudly brought me this.

So this inspiration from my 7 year old gave me an idea for a family night activity.
I’m always into mood for a new cookie, so I mixed some royal icing, and armed myself with squeezie bottles.

I made some small heart and circle cookies. Then we frosted away.
instruction 1

The question in my cookie brain is always, “to outline, or not to outline…”  I never can decide.
instruction 2

Here’s the outlined-Tom and the plain-Tom.  I still can’t decide.

After these were totally dry, I used a few more dabs of royal icing to glue Tom’s head on.

Here’s the finished outlined-Tom!
outlined heart turkey

The kids had a blast.  They gobbled them up!  (Yes, I’m cheesy.  This is true.)

So grab your Valentine cookie cutter and make some Thanksgiving cookies.

And now for some fun news!  Our little old pumpkin popcorn balls have been featured in an ezine (online magazine).  It is called the DIY Life, put out by the great people at!
It is beautifully put together and truly inspirational.  It is full of ideas, recipes, and decorating for the holidays, I’m just thrilled to be a part of it.  Go on over to and find it on their homepage.  

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