For Jenna’s Daybed I made 3 pillow shams, 3 decorative pillows
and 1 regular old open-sided standard pillowcase.
{Disclaimer: There aren’t pictures of every single step because I was rushing through these.
The pictures aren’t the best quality, because I was working at night.
But I hope you can follow my attempt at instructions.}
First up, the open sided pillow case.

open pillowcase

Cut the blue fabric 25 1/2″ by 41″.
Cut the pink 11″ by 41″.
Fold it in half, the long way, then iron it, making it 5 1/2″ wide, 41″ long.
Sew the pink to the blue, right sides together. (1/4 in seam allowances)
1st step
I don’t have a serger to finish off the edges, so I did a zig-zag stitch along the side to prevent fraying.
Then you lay it flat and iron the seam.
Fold the whole thing in half, right sides together and sew the two unfolded sides.
Zig-zag the edges of that seam too.
Turn it inside out, iron it and you have what looks like a standard pillowcase.
I made this decorative, randomly pleated ruffle thing to jazz it up.
First, I made a strip of yellow, 6″ wide and 88″ long. I folded it in half, ironed it and sewed the raw edges to create a long tube. I turned it inside out, ironed it flat (with the seam in the middle) then sewed the ends to make it continuous.
Then I ironed a couple of random pleats, pinned, then repeated until the went all the way around. I lined up the seam on the back of the yellow with the seam joining the pink and blue. I made the pleating random because if i tried to make them evenly spaced, I would lose my mind trying to make it perfect. I couldn’t afford to lose my mind in a 5 day time frame! haha
I secured the ruffle with 2 straight stitches all the way around.
They aren’t perfectly straight, but you can’t tell from far away.
Here’s the close up:
close up of ruffle
When I asked my daughter what her favorite pillow was, she said this one.
Ironically, this one was the easiest! Simpler usually is better, huh!
Stay tuned for more instructions on the 6 other pillows!