It’s amazing the length I’ll go to to entertain myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

But, really, I can only bust out so many cute things.

I don’t make a new batch of cookies everyday like some people I can’t keep up with who shall remain nameless.

But, I did make some Amish Friendship Bread as gifts for people. Since it requires the recipe to go along with it, I printed it on cardstock and wrapped the recipe around the loaf. Add some fall leaves and a tag and that’s about as cute as it gets around here.


I got these tins at the grocery store and they are the perfect size for gift giving. (They are not the perfect size for everyone in my family to have 2 pieces and if I don’t hurry, the kids will beat me to all of the pieces). If your recipe says it will make two large loaves it will make 3 of this size. They come with a clear top so everyone can be impressed with the cinnamon crumbly goodness on the top of the loaf.

So unless you have a secret family recipe, give it out along with a loaf of your favorite bread. Perfect, easy and yummy gift.

And for those “Christmas Vacation” fans, “That’s the gift that keeps on giving”

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