I have a great appetizer idea for your holiday meals… cheese and crackers!

No, not lunchables style.  I’m talking about big kid cheese and crackers.

This little plate of goodness is one of my family’s favorites.  My dad is probably the biggest fan!  Sometimes he buys me the ingredients and asks me to make it for him.  “Gladly,” I say, because I keep a little for myself!
cheese and crackers

Grab yourself some parmesan and asiago cheese.  I used a little less than a half a pound, each.

Now, you can do this a little faster in a food processor and it looks a little more rustic with big and small chunks, but on this occasion I diced it all in small chunks.
diced cheese

Then I diced 2 jalapenos, and one red chili, seeds removed.  I’m a little wimpy in the heat department, but if you want more heat leave the seeds in, or add one more red chili to even the score.  Also I minced 2 large cloves of garlic.

After all of this is dumped into a mixing bowl, I added some more flava!  On this occasion, it minced some fresh sage, thyme and italian parsley.  (About a teaspoon of each).  Also add plenty of fresh cracked black pepper, to taste.  And maybe a dash of salt, but not much.  These cheeses are pretty salty in and of themselves.

Next, add 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil.  These fancy schmancy olive oils are from our local farmers market.  I used the jalepeno and rosemary flavored ones and it added some nice flavor.  I might have been just as excited about the cute little bottles as the flavor.  Really though, it will be tasty-fabulous with your basic e.v.o.o.
olive oil

Now grab yourself some “big kid” crackers.
Okay, I’ll admit they’re good on ritz and wheat thins too.

This will make plenty, so don’t be shy.  Load up those crackers!
cheese and crackers 3

It’s kind of hard to imagine how these flavors go together, but I’ll vouch for it, they go together perfectly!
If you have some left after you feed your holiday guests, put some on top of your omelette in the morning.  Soooo good.  Or toss it in your pasta dish.  Or bake it onto some slices of baguette.  I’m pretty sure that cheese makes everything better.  Enjoy!