What to do when your 16 year old politely asks if you could bring 50 cupcakes to High School for her birthday?

Smile inside and do a litte cheer because even though I don’t get to help in her classroom with painting projects, and I don’t know all of her friends and I only get to hold her hand when she’s in the mood, I still get to bring cupcakes to school.

So they have to be good.

And not totally embarassing.

So, they’re zebra.


I’m no cake decorator but I figured if I put two colors in the bag, it would kinda work.

It also kinda turned their tongues black. Which they may have kinda liked.

Luckily I made these, too.


As she walked away with 3 friends each holding trays of cupcakes, she turned around and said, “Thanks mom.”

Awwww! She really is sweet sixteen!