Yummy, right?
My sister gave me this set of cookie cutters as a thank-you for making these cookies.
I’m in love with the cuteness.
My son said, there’s one for the papa bear, one for the mama bear and one for baby bear.
Cookie Cutters
My daughter had asked me if we could make sugar cookies for her “market day” at school.
Certain kids get to be “sellers” and all of the other kids buy their stuff
(food, drinks, toys, school supplies- old and new).
They buy it with school dollars that they have earned for good work and good behavior.
Lindsey the little crafter, had the idea to make friendship bracelets.
She and her friend have been working on them for weeks.
market day
Also, we made popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, and our favorite… cupcake cookies!
We had a hard time deciding if we liked it plain, or outlined.
2 kinds
We ended up outlining them all.
I enjoyed all of the planning and excitement that went into her little booth.
We had some good talks while we were making things.
We talked about what to do about someone else who heard she was making friendship bracelets
and said she was going to make “cuter ones.” (Seriously, 5th grade girls can be kind of mean).
We talked about not getting stressed about her booth, because this was intended to be fun!
We talked about when her friends were fighting about who got to be her helper.
We talked about what she wanted to buy with her school dollars.
I started out excited for an excuse to use my new favorite cookie cutters.
I realize now, I should been excited for an excuse to spend extra time with my daughter.
Either way I look at it, it was some great cookie bonding!
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