monster eyeballs- missing

These were so fun, fast and easy. You want to make some?
I started with cheater/ready-made cream puffs. I scored 110 of these babies from Costco for 9.99.
That’s hard to beat!
cream puffs
Then we, the kiddos and I, dipped them in white chocolate candy melts.
I just put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, then stir, then repeat (usually 3-4 times) until its melted.
Dip about half-way in.
Then while it’s still wet, put a chocolate chip, upside-down in the center.
Don’t press it all the way down, leave it raised a little.
chocolate chip
Now set them down and let them dry.
{I don’t know why I have the urge to line them up at this point. It doesn’t matter, I know.
Somehow it just makes me feel better. Is that wrong?}
Then I dyed some of the white chocolate to green (gel color works best) and put it in my squeezie bottle.
Now we drew a couple circles around the chocolate chip.
Right after, give it a few quick shakes to level out the chocolate and make it smoother.
Now you have eyeballs. Different colors would be fun too.
Then we just slipped them right onto these short bamboo skewers I got from world market.
My 10 year old says they’re too creepy to eat.
I just needed to remind her, they taste like cream puffs and chocolate. Then she braved a bite.
monster eyeballs 2
Can you believe your eyes…how easy was that?
p.s. Can you also believe your eyes at how crazy-amazing all of the projects are at at “sew dang cute?”
I didn’t realize I was entering a contest with professionals!
I’m linking to TidyMom.