Why are these mini-pumpkin muffins are so adorable?
Just like puppies and babies, the smaller version is so much cuter.

pumpkin muffins

I got out my little tart/mini muffin pans,
then made a pumpkin bread recipe.
(Use your personal favorite. I haven’t met a pumpkin bread I didn’t like.
This is the next recipe I want to try).
I filled them with a baby cookie scoop in an attempt to make them even.
You’re never going to believe how many it made.
1 large pumpkin loaf=64 mini muffins!
I usually slice the bread into about 10 big pieces.
So that means I get 6.4 bites per serving, right?
Here’s my number one reason why I’m in love with these.
1 loaf=60 minutes cook time
3 dozen mini muffins=10 minutes cook time.
It is almost instant gratification. No more waiting forever to satisfy my pumpkin craving!
Oh yeah, then I added cream cheese frosting.
Frosting on bread? Yes.
It added a yummy amount of sweetness.
Then to further experiment,
I made a pumpkin cream cheese frosting by adding some pumpkin butter and more powdered sugar.
I liked both versions.
You could do this same thing with a pumpkin cake recipe,
but then you have to call them mini-cupcakes instead of mini-muffins.
And they would be a little bit sweeter.
I’m picturing mini-banana bread bites, mini-cupcakes, mini-brownies, etc.
These pans are my new favorite.
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