She loves being frilly, sparkley, glammy, and fabulous.

She doesn’t really care what her costume is as long as it involves the word “Princess” and fancy tulle skirt.

So here she is, my little candy corn princess. “Cause I really like candy corn and I really like princess'”


I totally made this up as I went along and only took one picture midstream since I didn’t know if it would actually turn out and be blogworthy, you know. But here’s the basics.

I used about 5 yards of yellow and orange, about 3 of white.
The start was a white tank top I bought one size too big for her.
The boss said to start with yellow.


I cut strips of tulle starting 12 inches wide, progressing down to 2.5 inches at the top.

Fold the strip in half and sew along the folded section.
I sewed with the folded side toward the bottom of the tank top. I figured when it folded back over it would be puffier.
I made pleats with my hands as I sewed.
And sewed and sewed and sewed round and round and round.
When one strip ended I just started the next and spaced them about 3/4 inches apart.


No pins, pattern or planning, that’s just the way I roll. 🙂

She needed some tights. And some tulle ruffles on the sleeves of the bodysuit.


And every princess must have a crown. I tied some tulle strips onto a stretchy headband, very pouffy and princessy. Then I may have cut some candy corn off my garland instead of going to Michaels for a candy corn button.


One costume down, 5 to go.
Too bad the the boys don’t like tulle.

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