Is it that time of year for you guys, when the kids need money for everything? Like
School pictures
New clothes
Did everyone really grow out of their tennis shoes?
The Jog-a-thon (already?)
The soccer fundraiser and
The yearbook, which is quite a racket considering I could grow a baby start to finish before I’ll actually see the yearbook.

I feel poor in the Fall. But, every Spring I’m poor because of Dance Recital cosumes, summer programs, damage to that school instrument we rented ­čÖü etc….. But, still we ask our friends every Spring to open their wallets and put on their tennis shoes to support a cause important to us….



For 24 hours straight our team has a representative on the track and each team has a booth to raffle fun stuff or sell yummy or cool stuff. So every year we craft because 100% of what is sold at the event goes to American Cancer Society. My oldest daughter is one of the only grandkids who was old enough to remember my mom and this is her baby, she is team captain every year. Our team name is Grammie’s Garden so you’ll notice a theme in some of our goodies….

We made “Candy” Necklaces. Really a wooden bead covered in fun fabric.


Fun flower wands with silk flowers, tulle, ribbon, and fabric to add sassiness.


Wooden flower wands with cute paper Modge Podged on.


Crayon Rolls and Colored Pencil Rolls and fabric headbands. Hair bows and flowers donated by a wonderfully generous friend.


Cute mesh purses and rice heating pads, made by two different and awesome friends.


And, my favorite thing to decorate… these $1.00 wooden frames from Michaels. (These are the sad ones that didn’t sell. Someone (ME) forgot to take pictures of all the ones that were cuter).


Also I am sueing myself for not getting a picture of the most darling market totes that Ashleigh made. It’s a travesty really. We crafted ourselves crazy but we laughed and thought of our Mom the whole time. Thank you to everyone out there in blogland for inspiring us and giving us tutorials. Thank you to all of our friends who support this “Bee in our Bonnet” that we have every year. Thank you to my kids for eating Hot ‘n Ready pizzas for a week solid while mom crafted. Until next Spring…..