cupMy daughter just turned 7. Her only birthday wish was to have a “cool cake.”

(Oh, and a new bedspread which I can’t make a decision on).
But all she could talk about was which kind of cake she could have.
The only inspiration she gave me was that she liked butterflies.
This is when all of my Martha watching and blog surfing come in handy.
Because these two “cool cakes” came to mind:
1. I remember loving this rainbow cake, featured on the Martha show, from Whisk Kid.
2. I remember dying over this heart cake, made by the lovely Bakerella.
So I combined those two concepts and made this:
cake 1
I watched the rainbow cake instructions and made 5 thin layers out of 2 batches of white cake.
(I divided the batter evenly, then dyed it).
Jenna actually loves the taste of fondant. But for people like me, who peel it off
and don’t eat it, I made the buttercream frosting layer generous. (More than a crumb coat).
I baked, layered and frosted into the wee hours of the night. Then it went to the freezer.
The next day, I covered it with white fondant.
Let’s pretend its flawless, and perfectly smooth.
Then I tried to dye some fondant the same color as the cake layers.
Then we (Jenna wanted to help every step of the way) rolled it out and cut out a million butterflies.
I wanted the butterflies to dry with their wings slightly popped up, so they’d be flying off the cake.
So we gathered every kitchen utensil we could think of for the butterflies to dry on.
Then we lined them up and glued them on with water.
partway done
Jenna was fully excited about a birthday cake photo shoot.
She can appreciate a food photo-shoot. She’s no stranger to food blogs and the food network.
blowing out
But she could hardly wait to surprise her cousins with what was inside.
(She kept it a secret).
Yes, the outside was wanna-be Bakerella and the inside was wanna-be Whisk Kid.
Thank-you people I don’t know, but idolize. You are my inspiration!
the inside
The kids were thrilled that each person got 3 butterflies on their slice.
No one had to fight over “more frosting” or “I want that decoration.”
All slices were equal opportunity.
This 9″ cake doesn’t look that big, but it fed lots of people with half left over!
1-2 gone
And the most important thing was, Jenna loved it! She loved every step of the way.
loved it
I asked her if this qualified as a “cool cake” to her. She giggled a yes!
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