It’s that time of year again…SCHOOL SUPPLIES ARE ON SALE!

I just saw a 24 pack of crayons on clearance for 8 cents! That makes me giddy!
I feel an impulsive need to stock up on glue sticks, pencils and notebooks!
Really, these things come in handy sometimes.
Last year around this time, I taught a lesson at church about journal writing and personal history.
I found composition books and spiral notebooks on sale for 5 and 10 cents each!!!
So I made these to give out to each child.
school supply clearance
I covered the composition books with patterned paper and made a label.
I printed out a title on white cardstock, glued it on the notebook and trimmed the edges.
Easy, and CHEAP!
Customizing notebooks is so fun for kids.
We’ve used scrapbook paper, ribbon and even pictures. Hours of entertainment I tell ya!
cousins notebook
Composition books hold up really well. We’ve been toting this around for 4 years!
So keep your eye on the school supply clearance section.
An extra dollar on your Target bill can easily go undetected. 🙂 🙂 🙂