I can’t take any credit for this fabulous quilt.

It is the handy work of my daughter, Lindsey.
Since she recently turned 10, she got to learn how to sew from her Grandma. She learned from the best!
She was thrilled and excited to learn, but also excited to spend time with her cousin (her age) and Grandma.

Over the course of the week, she learned how to pick fabric, use the rotary cutter, sew strips,

cut blocks, sew blocks together, use the big quilting machine and sew on binding!
Her grandma did say that she had to help quite a bit with the big quilting machine
(because it was a little hard for her to maneuver) and the binding.
But with the help of a 1/4 inch quilting foot, she sewed the blocks by herself.
Who knew a 10 year old was capable of these things? I was so impressed.
open quilt

The very first fabric she wanted was the music note fabric. She loves to play the piano and loves music.
She thought about using all black and whites, but then decided to add some color.

I thought her choices were great!

After the top was made we went to pick the fabric for the back and she wanted the zebra print.
This made it quite the sassy music/zebra quilt. I told her anything can go together if you love it!
back of quilt

So now she has made this her “piano quilt.”
She gets cold as she practices early in the morning in a room where the windows are open

(so I can cool the house down).

She wanted to know if her project could be on the blog.

With quality work like this, I invited her to “guest post” any time she wants!