Once upon a time, in a sad, faraway place, we didn’t blog.

I didn’t document things step by step.

My photos, well, (gasp!) they had Sierra Mist bottles in the background.

But, even way back in 2006, I had a teeny bopper birthday party.

Ashleigh’s super cool, fun and blogworthy scrapbook party inspired me to dig these goodies up. So, if you can tolerate lots of visual clutter, read on brave friend. If not, refer back to Ashleigh’s scrapbook party. ­čÖé

Her cream puff cake was so unique and looked so yummy I actually licked the computer screen. I have an anti-caker also so we did an ice cream cookie sandwich cake. Add some candles and you really can turn just about anything into a birthday cake.


These little paper mache letters are a blank canvas for pre-teen creativity to go wild. Provide paint, scrapbook goodies and some modge podge and they have a personalized letter made to match their room.


And if you have ever tried to fill those long hours of slumber parties, pull out this nifty craft. Plain white headbands sell for less than a dollar at our craft store. I pre-cut fabric to fit and the girls modge podged it on. The inside tends to look like a train wreck but the outside is all the matters. (I sometimes apply this rule to closets and drawers).


Thanks for taking this trip down pre-blogging memory lane with me.

You are very patient people.

And you deserve a medal.