My oldest just turned 10.
Oh my goodness, she is getting old! But that couldn’t possibly mean that I’m getting old. No correlation, right?
As long as I’m in denial, I’ll pretend that I was totally on top of my game with this party.
I’ll refuse to admit that my procrastinating is getting to the ridiculous point.

Well, as late as it was, I did get the invitations made.
I bought the digital birthday kit from House of 3. The little flag banner is from that kit.

My daughter wanted it to be just like the scrapbook parties that I go to once a month.
We (moms) just set up tables, chat, laugh, and have an array of treats on the table.
So I recreated this type of party for my tween crowd.

My decorating consisted of a few balloons, and old scrapbook pages of her hung around the house.
Don’t laugh at my “old school” pages. I thought they were cool a decade ago.
I also set out some albums for the girls to browse through.
page banner

They each brought a stack of pictures. I told them to think about what colors of paper might look good with it.
Then we went to the “scrapbook store” (my scrapbook room with a sign on the door) and picked out paper.
I told them to start with one piece of patterned paper and 2 or 3 pieces of cardstock.

They all seemed to really enjoy scrapbooking.
I spent some time helping them cut out page titles on the cricut.
I also taught them a few techniques. They really loved the eyelets.
The time just flew! The party was 3 hours and we could have made it 4 or 5.
Most of them only got 2 or 3 pages done.

I found these cute 12×12 “KI memories” at Michael’s, so each girl could go home with their pages in an album.
They also got to go home with some extra paper, glue and some embellishments that they chose.

Toward the end, I tore them away from their scrapbooks and we played a couple games and opened presents.

My favorite part of the party was this little project:
We scored different shapes and sizes of these dusty old things at a garage sale.
garage sale finds

I spray painted this one and it became my serving tray.
spray painted

I put my cake stand right on top with some jars of candy on the bottom.

My high-maintenance-in training-girl isn’t a huge cake fan,

so she requested her favorite treat… cream puffs.
That’s okay, I can put anything on a cake plate, put candles in it and sing.

That smile on her face says to me that this party was a success!
I would highly recommend this theme to anyone planning “tweenie bopper’s” birthday.
The girls really got into it!

If I’m ever feeling on top of my game again (my hope for that is dwindling),
I might just plan a scrapbook night for the girls, just for fun!
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