I’ve always tested “middle-brained.”
You know when you take those tests to show if you’re right or left-brained?
{translation: Type A personality or Type B}.
My mom always taught a unit on the brain. Remember the dissection I referred to?
She always made us take the tests and always analyzed our behavior in this way.
Here is a table to show you what I’m talking about.

My “right-brained” self is a visual/kinesthetic learner, I talk with my hands, I enjoy creativity,
I’m lead by my feelings, I’m not super great at time management, etc.

My “left-brained” self likes to be organized, makes lists, plans ahead, craves simplicity

and uniformity, has a low tolerance for risk, and only buys white towels.

Yes, I said it. I have a white towel (and white sheet) policy in my house.


I just love the uniformity of it. I love that I don’t have to worry about which bathroom they go in.
I love that they don’t fade. I love that I can just bleach out any spots. I love that I can buy them in bulk at Costco.
I love that they look so clean.

Okay, I probably lean more to the left of middle.

Back to my towels. Here were my boring towels on the boring towel bar that came with our house.
towels on bar

The whole wall above the tub had this smack dab in the middle and only held 2 towels.

2 boring towels + 1 boring towel bar= way too much boring. Even for me!
towel bar

I wanted to fill up the wall a little better and be able to store more towels there.

You see, my left-brained, clean, showeraholic husband goes through 2 in a day.

So my right-brained self created this simple shelf.
All it took was a board, 2 wood shelf supports and some black paint. Total of about 8 dollars.


Then my left-brained self stacked the towels…
two rows

Until they looked uniform and orderly.
three rows

We have about 20 towels in rotation and this little baby will hold all of them if they’re all clean at once.
Which they never are.

This was the logical/creative solution to my towel situation.

Sorry you had to get the full hemispheric dominance lecture as I shared this project.
I felt so lame after seeing Kathryn’s (right-brained) bathroom makeover.
Hopefully you can identify with one towel system or the other. 🙂