Ciao! Are you feeling Italian today? Lets talk caprese…
Caprese is defined as the combination of these few ingredients:

Fresh Mozzarella (you know, the soft kind that is packaged in water)
Fresh Basil
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
and often, Balsamic Vinegar
p.s. I always add a little pressed garlic to the mix

Any way you combine these flavors…. it is tasty.
I think tomato, basil and mozzarella were made for each other.

It is perfectly fresh and light for summer!
And lucky for me this summer, I successfully grew my own basil after many failed attempts.
We put these beautiful leaves to good use and make caprese quite often!

Typically, it is sliced and configured in some way with the olive oil and balsamic drizzled on.
My brother lived in Italy for 2 years and he said my caprese was totally legit! Sweet approval!
However, the way I pronounced it was not legit. I have been corrected.

On this occasion I threw it on a platter and we ate it with some baguette.
platter copy

My bro said he only ever saw it sliced in Italy, but I like to play around with presentation.
Why not dice it and chiffonade the basil? Sorry to break the rules, but this is gorgeous, and tastes the same.
I say, it’s a side dish extraordinaire.
chunky and chicken

I also love a caprese-style green salad.

I throw the olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper in a bowl and make a little dressing.

But my most favorite way to have caprese… the most dazzling, darling way… the easiest way to eat it…
is on a toothpick!
bite sized 1

I can just drizzle the dressing on a plate and set them on.
bite sized 2

As much as I love caprese salad, this little girl loves it more!
She declares it as her favorite food and her favorite thing to make.

These little hors devours are kid-chef-friendly. Super easy!

I just had to share what we’ve been loving lately.
I think I might have to serve these at my brother’s wedding.
bite sizes 3

And in his honor, I will even pronounce it correctly as I serve it.
I might even throw out a Questo è fantastico caprese!