Have you ever bought something, just because it was cheap?!?
Something you have no need for, whatsoever?

I am guilty as charged…. with this purchase:
ikea candle holder

This oversized tea-light holder was originally $9.99 at IKEA. It was on clearance for $0.99.
I threw it in the cart thinking I could find something to do with this beautiful piece of wood.
I got to the check out without buying the actual candles that fit in it. Oops.
This isn’t too typical of me. I don’t like collecting stuff that doesn’t have a purpose.
I had a weak moment. I knew that if anything, I could paint the back of this chunky piece of wood.
So I had to put this to use before I started to feel like a hoarder.

I made a little 4th of July-ish decor.
I needed a little stars and stripes in my life.
I painted the back white, then taped it, painted it white again (seals the tape edges for no bleeding), then painted it red.

Then I hot glued my little metal star on.
wood flag

I feel so much better about my weak moment. 99 cents never looked so patriotic! 🙂
p.s. I love bakerella more than ever! Did you see her most recent “pop?”
They are the cutest bees ever. I might have to make these and call them the mascot
of “bee in our bonnet.” I was also so excited that the bakerella made me a “pop star!” 🙂
I’m linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick and Blue Cricket Design. Check it out!