I love my name, it fits me, it’s meaningful to my family, all is well.
I could never ever ever find cute barrettes with my name spelled correctly.
All the Allisons, Megans, Jessicas and Jennifers had cute barrettes.
Not that I’m bitter or anything. 🙂

So, in my quest to help others who suffer from unusual name spellingitis I have been giving my friends personalized notepads this year for their birthdays.


I ordered them online from a company called Vistaprint but I’m sure there are a million other companies out there. It was so fun to pick out different designs that reminded me of the particular person. You could then change the text to read whatever you want and change the font, size and color.


I’ve wrapped them up all different ways, but almost always in my “go to” clear cellophane bags. So, if you are a Michele with one “l” or even a Michiko, your day has come. Next year I may even order you barrettes.